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Lucky Break

During our time at Escape Studios, as well as personal projects we also create collaborative team projects between the VFX and Animation classes and the short film "Lucky Break" is a result of one of these projects.


In our groups, we were tasked with coming up with an idea for a short film and then producing/creating all the assets to complete this project from brief, story boarding, previsualisation to final creation including all promotional materials for release.

"Lucky Break" is a short film depicting a small bird who requires a little help from an unlikely friend.

During this project - we received feedback from the motion picture visual effects company "Industrial Light & Magic" which we implemented throughout the course of producing and creating "Lucky Break". 

All of the short film content produced by the students at Escape are entered into various film festivals around the world and "Lucky Break" to date, has already received multiple awards!

For this project - I was tasked with creating the main FX shot in which the real dinosaur breaks out of the stone statue. To do this, I utilised Houdini's VDB, RBD and Pyro workflows. 



BEST VFX - Art Film Awards.

BEST VFX - Future of Film Festival.

BEST VFX - Eastern Europe Film Festival.

BEST VFX - Heart of Europe International Film Festival.

5 STARS AWARD - British International Amateur Film Festival.

BEST MICRO SHORT FILM - Tekka International Film Festival.

BEST FANTASY SHORT FILM - Indo-Singapore Film Festival. 

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